Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts………..but also of war.

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Ashleigh Nichols


Ashleigh Nichols is an Emmy nominated producer, an award-winning short film director, and has produced two feature films, THE LAST LOVECRAFT (2010), and THE HISTORIAN (2014). Ashleigh spent many years on the production management side of Film and television working for networks such as, HBO, Disney, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

With her husband, Ashleigh wrote and directed, the short film, SUMMER OF THE ZOMBIES (2011). They also created the web series, COFFEE SHOP SQUATTERS (2012, 2013) and JOYRIDE (2015). In their free time, between freelance industry jobs and creating content of their own, she and her husband created the sketch group MALL JOGGERS.

 In 2017, Ashleigh co-founded, Minerva Pictures, her production company, with fellow mom and Producer, Aubrey Duclos. Under the banner of Minerva Pictures Ashleigh has written and directed several short films, including, HE SAID SHE SAID (2019) and, I CAN’T DO THIS (2018). Ashleigh has also produced the web series, MARS THR3E (2018-2019) and the shorts, MOONSHINE BOYS (2019) and, AFTERMATH (2019).

 Ashleigh is currently in Post Production on the short films, THE OTHER WAYNE and ELEVATOR and is attached to produce the up-coming feature film, THE DONOR PARTY.

 With her skills as a Producer, Writer and Director, she epitomizes the term, Storyteller. 


Aubrey  Duclos

Co-FOUNDER, producer

As rare as a unicorn, Aubrey is a born and raised California Native. Specializing in problem solving and collaboration, Aubrey’s goal is to unify and streamline the filmmaking process and support aspiring filmmakers.

Getting her start in theater production, Aubrey quickly learned that her perchance for collaboration and “getting it done” suited her well for entertainment production.

Spanning nearly every genre of media, Aubrey has found a niche corner of the industry which makes her work style unique in that she always tries to speak all of the departments “languages”. This, she hopes, makes her working environment more supportive and conducive for productivity.

Minerva Pictures has symbolized and important point in her career, realizing her potential for creative development and helping to give a voice to issues and stories close to her heart.